Creating bespoke, luxury New Zealand travel itineraries is just what I do - really well.

Example Itineraries

Example Itinerary #1
9 Day Winter Wonderland
Example Itinerary #2
11 Day West Coast Recce
Example Itinerary #3
14 Day Honeymoon Heaven
Example Itinerary #4
15 Day North Island Navigation
Example Itinerary #5
21 Day Golfing Galore


Rob has been traveling all his life. He knows what it's like, where the frustrations lie and why it's so addictive. By asking the right questions, he'll gain an in-depth understanding of what you want. Not only that but having New Zealand as the blank canvas to work with and it's a 'recipe for rememberance'...

From the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand never ceases to amaze and your KDI itinerary is about capturing the very best this country has on offer, no matter what the season. Being a South Pacific island, come summer and it's all about oceans, lakes and rivers, while winter offers superb forest and mountain adventures and then some. Spring and Autumn alike ensure the colours new and old with the outdoors way of life never taking a back seat.

Rob's thoroughly professional service complemented by a real ‘no worries’ attitude allows you to relax and truly unwind. Rob or one of his gurus will be quietly managing your guided trip or they'll keep in touch on a ‘background’ basis should you be exploring on your own - either way giving you your space when you need it.

Down to its very core, Kiwi Does It believes in our natural resources and the ever-increasing need to protect them. You can rest assured knowing your itinerary contains carbon offsets, local donations and environmental credits where possible and we'd encourage you to have a think about a suitable recipient. Perhaps it's the Yellow-Eyed Penguins, the unique and endangered Kiwi or simply a donation towards helping Christhchurch rebuild - there are plenty of options and we'd be happy to talk through them with you.


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