When New Zealand separated from the rest of Gondwanaland, it took with it something very special...

So you think we're a long way away then? Well, 'crow-flyingly' speaking we are but that's part of our charm. Make the effort and reap the rewards - you don't end up here by mistake now do you?

A few facts

Maori Name: Aotearoa: 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'
Language: English and Maori
Population: 4.4 million
Time Zone: GMT +12 hrs
Weather: Mild, temperate maritime climate

For many of you, visa's are not required for stays under three months however as with anything travel, it's best to check with your NZ Consulate before booking with KDI. It also pays to note that due to our heavy reliance on agriculture and export, New Zealand has extremely strict bio-security regulations - any unprocessed, organic material that could potentially pose a threat to our native flora and fauna is prohibited.

It is our little slice of paradise and we do our best to keep it that way. Here at KDI, sharing that slice with you is what we're all about. Steeped in ancient myth and legend while boasting a deep connection with their land, the Maori call it Manaakitanga and it begins with your first footprints.

Either way, New Zealand is simply a must-see, bucket-list destination and we'd love to help you tick it off...

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